The history of Zero Pest

Zero Pest was born in 31st March 2015 by Mr. Iqbal Hossain at located in Plot 19, Rd 17, Banani Dhaka-1212. After 18 month 27 September 2016  Zero Pest sifted in 518/1 Senpara Parbata, Dhaka-1216. Before established Zero Pest; it's owner Mr. Iqbal Hossain involved in leading contemporary pest control companies since 2009 as CEO, Managing Director or Managing Partner role. Because of that he was the most impotent person in contemporary pest control services providing field. So from the beginning of the path of Zero Pest it was so confidant and committed. Zero Pest fully used it's owner's experience, skills and contacts. So that Zero Pest get the top position of Pest Control Services provider field within 03 years.

Mission of Zero Pest

Pest Control is a vital issue of the quality of production and all industries are bound to maintain Pest Control by a professional Services Provider in the world. In that case all buyers have been given conditions about pest control operation in the industries with a logical frequencies. So, there are growing too many pest control services provider companies in Bangladesh. But end of the day they of not enough qualities and commitments. Having 06 years on filed experience, Zero Pest's owner fill this issues and take a step to solve these. And Zero Pest has been started in 2015 to providing a quality and international standard pest control services in Bangladesh.

Vision of Zero Pest

The main fact of Pest control is environment safety. Some times pest control technician can be break environment safety bands and it could be harm full for public health. But Zero Pest fully concern about environment safety and public health. For this reason Zero Pest has been maintaining a Pest research wing from the beginning. We ensure minimum twice Training sessions in a year for our technicians. So prime vision of Zero Pest is Public Health First ...

Team of Technicians

Team of Technicians 1Team of Technicians 2