Bed Bugs Control Service

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug is the most most injurious insect in our household. Human and others animals blood is the main meal of Bed Bug. And bedbugs spreads some kinds of complex diseases such as: leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and tuberculosis. So that when you infested by the Bed Bug than you have bed bug control immediately. For the Bed Bug Control you can Call us : 8801770341611 for free inspection.

Bedbug is too odd tolerant insect. And some time Bedbug not fully not destroying from your properties after spraying of vary high doses also. Some time Bed Bugs eggs and larva’s don’t destroying. For that bed bug control treatment needs multiple frequencies of services. So that ZERO PEST™ keeping minds of this situation very carefully and always prepared to do multiple services in Package services deal. So that ZERO PEST™ ensuring you to providing the Best Bed Bug Control Service in Bangladesh.

ZERO PEST Provides very comparative price cost of all Pest Control Services but ensuring 100% best quality. We have a big wail trained and experienced Pest Control Technician to provides better then best quality services.

In Bed Bug Treatment; ZERO Pest™ Provides 06 Months to 1 Year Guarantee for the Services. I mean if pest infestation not solved or pest come back again during the guarantee period than ZERO PEST™ Provides extra services by free of cost during the guarantee period.

ZERO PEST™ Bed Bug Control Treatment Methods:

Before providing any methods; our pest control expert surveying your infested properties very carefully. Then we discus about applicable method with our expert and entomologist. Then we execute the service with most effective methods. Our some methods following bellow:

  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Customized Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphyde Fumigation

Our Happy Clients of Bed Bugs Control Service:

  1. Dhaka Metropolitan Police
  2. Akij Motors Limited
  3. Kurmitola Golf Club