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Termite Control

Termite is the most destroying insect in the world. All the wooden surface are not secure from Termites. A termite team can finish a jungle within a month. Termites are not so injurious or Diseases spreader. But Termite has been destroying your valuable wooden furniture, Doors and Windows, Door Frames, Books, Valuable Documents, Clothe wares and other most valuable properties.

Termite likes damp and dusty surface. Termite has a queen which controlling them. A termite queen size would be 8″ to 16″ long. Some time we called them white ant.

Basically termite treatment some critical job. Pre-Construction Termite Control is most effective for the properties.


Pre- Construction Termite Treatment:

ZERO PEST has been providing 20 (twenty) Years guarantee for Pre Construction Termite Treatment.  Before crusting of Plinth level is the right time of  Pre Construction Termite Control. If  there is mat foundation of building then it has to apply before Casting  of mat binding all floor areas.

Treatment Processes:

  • Trench and treat Soil around external concrete slab edge.
  • Trench and treat Soil around walls and peelers in the sub floor area.
  • Treatment the Soil along / around the external perimeter
  • Digg the Soiled floor (0r drill the Concrete Floor) along expansion joint and cracks, and treat soil there under
  • And Digg patio areas and treat soil area there is a high risk treatment nest location.


Household Termite  Treatment:

Zero Pest has been providing 05 Years Guarantee for household Termite Treatment. Our expert termite control inspection team will find infested areas. The company will treatment against termite with most effective and safe methods.


  • Perimeter Digging Treatment
  • Perimeter Drilling Treatment
  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphyd Treatment


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